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Name:DCU Free For All
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Community description:DCU Free For All - The Customizable DCU Fanworks Challenge
Welcome to everyone from the far-flung corners and niches of DC Comics Universe fandom! After spending entirely too much time surfing the many fic challenge communities around LJ, I came to realize there was no place for DCU fanfic writers and fan artists to gather and actively challenge ourselves and each other to write fic and make art, without the constraints of a specific pairing or character, or being tied to one prompt table. Out of that need, and my (unhealthy) love for prompts tables, the DCU Free For All* was born.

Here, the rules are simple and relaxed, the leeway broad. The idea is to have fun and follow our plot and art bunnies to our hearts' desire!

*Note that this is the Dreamwidth mirror for the original DCU Free For All (on Livejournal). Everything here on the mirror will run the same as over on LJ, but if/when you sign up for a challenge, please only do so either here or there, so the mods can keep better track. Thanks!

The General Idea

The goal of the DCU Free For All Fanfic/Fanart Challenge is to write a certain number of fics or create a certain number of graphics or original art pieces (from 10 to 100) centering around the DCU character, pairing, family, team, etc, of your choosing, using prompts from either a pre-made table, or a table of your own making. There are no time limits, no limits to how many people may make the same claim, no real limits at all, actually!

How to Play

1 - Join the community and read the FAQ/Q&As.

2 - Decide on a claim (claims are NOT exclusive). Claims FAQ are up on the Claims Post.

3 - Pick a prompt table from the Prompts Tables Post, or mix and match prompts from the various tables to create your own.

4 - Post your table somewhere on your DW, and comment to the Claims Post with your claim/table info (template is provided).

5 - Write fic or create other fanworks! Post the fanwork or a link to it here on the comm, using the header provided in the Posting Guidelines Post (or similar header).

6 - When you've completed your table, comment to the Completed Challenges Post, and you'll get a nifty banner for your efforts!

7 - If you can't finish your table, no problem! Just leave a comment to the Dropped Claims Post, and you get a gold star for participating. No fuss, no muss, no banning.


1 - This is a slash, smut, crackfic, even Clana friendly community. All pairings and genres are welcome. No flaming, wank, or other impolite behavior. If you don't like something, don't read it! Just be respectful of others' personal fanworks preferences, and we can all get along peacefully.

2 - In the interest of keeping this community centered around the challenge, please only post fanworks produced for your challenge or for one of the seasonal community challenges to the community. Outside of that, feel free to pimp an outside challenge, using the challenge: other tag. Just make sure all your posts are somehow challenge related.

3 - Remember to tag all your posts! When you first make a claim, I will give you a personal tag for that claim, but since the comm is set so that only the mod can create new tags, please use the !needatag tag, and I will add your claim tag to the post. Please also use the appropriate fanwork tag (fic, art, etc) depending on what you post, and the appropriate seasonal challenge tag if you're posting for a seasonal challenge.

4 - All NC-17 fanworks must be posted behind a cut if you post them here (beyond just the header). Posts with NC-17 material no longer have to be f-locked, but feel free to do so if you like.


Is there any age restriction for participation?

Not strictly. Anyone can join the community, anyone can participate. It isn't required, but feel free to f-lock your NC-17 posts here, and know that it's on you to be legitimately of age.

Are you sure there are no deadlines?

That's what I said, isn't it? :p Make a claim and produce fanworks according to your prompts when you feel like it. If it takes you a year, it takes you a year. If you can't get started right away, no problem!

Is there a wait list for claims? Do I have to be approved to post?

Heck no! To both. As soon as you join the community and comment with your claim, you can start posting. There are no holds on claims, no restrictions. If fifteen people want to write Superman/Batman, who am I to say no?

What can I claim?

Any character, pairing, threesome, moresome, partnership/duo, family, or team in the DCU. Villains and little known characters are welcome. You can also claim "General DCU" or a specific series, such as the comics universe, Smallville, The Batman, or Superman Movieverse. All DCU imprint books/series/films/characters are welcome as well. Be as vague or as specific as you want!

Can I make more than one claim at once?

Whatever floats your boat! If you feel like completing two or more challenges at once, go for it!

If I claim two or more characters, do they all have to be in each fanwork?

Nope. It's encouraged, especially for pairings, but not absolutely vital. You won't be drawn and quartered if you don't mention all three members of a threesome in the same fic. Team or family pieces can center around any of the members in any combination.

Can I claim a crossover?

Sure! As long as one or more of your claimed characters is a member of the DCU, it's all gravy.

How about AU's?

No problem! Some of the most popular stories in the DCU are Elseworlds stories, after all.

RPF? Original characters?

Most folks might say no, but I say why not? As long as one or more of your claimed characters is a member of the DCU, go for it! You've got that plot bunny biting your ankles to have Bruce Wayne and Christian Bale swap places for a day? Bring it on! Have a burning desire to introduce a love interest for Jimmy Olsen? Write it!

Are there any limits to genres or ratings?

Nope! All genres are welcome, from gen, to fluffy bunny, to filthy smut, to deathfic. Ratings up to NC-17 are welcome. Just be sure to list appropriate warnings and ratings in your headers when you post, and post any NC-17 material behind a cut.

Can I post fic/art I've already produced, or have produced for another challenge?

Go right ahead! To keep with the challenge aspect, however, try to restrict your re-posted fics/artwork to no more than around 25% of the total pieces required to complete your challenge. I'm also all for multi-tasking fic, so if you're producing fic/art for another challenge, feel free to post here as well to get double credit!

Are there any word count restrictions on fic?

Generally, 100 words is the minimum. No one will be counting, anyway. Also, make sure anything over 100 words is behind a cut if you post it here. There is no maximum word count.

Are you sure it's okay if I don't finish my challenge?

Yes! If you must drop your challenge, just be courteous and comment to the Dropped Claims Post, and you're off the hook. No judgment. Participation is what's important, that's all.

Have fun! :)


Community Moderator/Maintainer: [personal profile] saavikam77

Community Graphics by: [ profile] red_handed, [ profile] vespertila, [ profile] labuenaventura, [ profile] modestroad, [personal profile] saavikam77, and [personal profile] sharpest_asp


Community Affiliates:

None yet here on DW! Please comment to the Welcome Post or PM a mod if you're interested in affiliating your DCU-related, writing-related, or art/graphics-related community with the Free For All.


A quick public service announcement, courtesy of the mods at [ profile] stop_plagiarism:

This community values the creative energy and time that writers pour into their fanfiction and share freely with us, other fans. Because of this, plagiarism will not be tolerated. Please go info page of [ profile] stop_plagiarism for a definition of plagiarism. If we receive a report of plagiarism, it will be investigated and if verified, the plagiarist will be reported to [ profile] stop_plagiarism and the poster will be banned from this community. We also encourage all of our members to support the creative labor of their favorite authors by joining [ profile] stop_plagiarism.

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